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From the very beginning Kasia was passionate about sport in school, immersing herself in the swimming team and winning many track and field accolades in javelin, long jump, high jump and cross country running. Her first love however was horse jumping, 


    “I’m riding horses since I was six years old, my parents own a small stable 

    with four horses at home in Poland. Unfortunately when I was seventeen I 

    had a horse accident a day before competition. I woke up in the hospital 

    where they told me that I broke my spine and I would never walk again. 

    I spent six months in a wheelchair determined to get back my normal active 

    life. When I finally started walking, and was able to do sports again, I was 

    introduced to golf.”


Kasia has not looked back. Winning a small competition at the local golf course the first time she held a golf club, igniting her love of the game. Eager to improve she dedicated herself to practicing and was very soon winning Polish golfing competitions.


    “In 2008 I won as an amateur in my handicap group and went to (represent Poland) play in the Amateur World Golf Championships in South Africa. I 

    finished 8th overall but 1st as a woman.”


Since moving to Los Angeles over five years ago Kasia has continued to play and has been training at the David Leadbetter School in Florida. Recently Kasia is proud to have become the face of golf in Poland after being approached by the Polish Golf Association.


    “I have been blessed in my life to be able to travel the world and play some 

    of the most prestigious golf courses around the world.”


With the launch of both a ladies golf clothing range and a golf travel television show in the pipeline, and the LGPA qualifiers just around the corner, 2016 looks to be a very good year for Kasia Kay.


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